• State of the technology
    for the world market PV total solution

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  • State of the technology
    for the world market PV total solution

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One-Stop! Total Solution

From the construction of small-scale power facilities to large-scale power plants, we provide a one-stop service for solar power systems, including consulting, after-sales management, electrical safety management, and maintenance. We are the specialist with a superior track record and technology in RPS solar, rural solar, agrivoltaic solar, industrial park solar, and floating solar power plants.

Our New Business

HS Solar Energy pursues more eco-friendly and sustainable development through operating its new business of recycling solar panels and pioneers new initiatives to strike the perfect balance between environmental protection and economic efficiency.

1 Demolition business

Even if power lines are disconnected, panels continue to produce electricity. Therefore, they must be safely dismantled by a specialist.

2 ReUse

We repair and refurbish old and defective solar panels at a low cost, enabling them to exhibit the appearance and performance similar to those of new products.

3 RePowering

By replacing modules that have lost efficiency due to degradation with high-efficiency ones, we can achieve greater profitability.

4 ReCycling

We recover recyclable materials from solar panel waste to increase our price competitiveness and take a step further towards sustainability.

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HS Solar Energy is at the forefront in the development of innovative technology and commercialization to usher in the era of green energy.

We contribute towards a low-carbon society through the development and widespread distribution of renewable energy technologies.